Our Females:
​Champion Pointed January's Garnet Girl is the matriarch of my King Family.  She is now retired from the show ring and from breeding. Garnet is 8 years old and has produced beautiful puppies over the years and as of now she has 5 of her progeny that are already junior champions and champion pointed. 

February's Amethyst Princess as we called her "Thea". Thea was a great King, she was a very loyal girl always right next to me no matter where we were. Unfortunately Thea passed away in January 2016 at the age of 7yrs she is deeply missed.
​Introducing Jr Champion May's Emerald Princess, she is the daughter of Champion Pointed January's Garnet Girl and 2X Champion Smith & Wesson "44" Magnum. Emmie just competed in ARBA the American Rare Breed Association New Jersey Classic this past October 2016 and did amazing for her first time competing as an adult. She took 6 first places among all the females attending... 6 winners bitch and 6 best of breed....4 group 2's and 2 group 1's and then won 2 Adult Best In Shows. She is 22 months old and we will show her in the rare breed ring and hope she will continue in her father's footsteps and become a multiple titled champion.  Emmie is one of the first female Kings that took  ARBA by storm and scored Excellent in all 6 shows..in general appearance..temperament..size.. head..body and gait.
​Introducing Jr. Champion April's Diamond Girl. Diamond comes from Great Lakes King Shepherds from the 2014 breeding of Sierra and Bane. She is a very large female that has beautiful head, straight topline, big bone and a very loving care free temperament. Diamond is a Kennel Club USA Jr Champion this venue is run by ARBA the American Rare Breed Association.

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